Guide for Newcomers

Welcome to
St. Michael the Protector
The Liberal Catholic Church

We would love to have you join us for worship. We in the Liberal Catholic Church view the Holy Eucharist as a service performed by men and angels to benefit the world. Our priest is the ministrant at the altar, but we are all intimately involved in the ritual of the Eucharist. The more completely each of us participates in the service, the more of our Lord Christ’s blessing we can bring into the world through the Eucharist. Here is some information to help you fully participate in the Holy Eucharist.

Holy Eucharist

Holy Eucharist officially begins with the ritual lighting of the candles on the altar and ends when they are extinguished. The interval between the lighting of the candles and the processional, and again after the recessional until the candles are extinguished, is a time of silence. Many of our members find this quiet time an opportunity to still their minds and hearts, and to adore the living Christ, our true Master.

Participating in the Liturgy

The liturgy for the Holy Eucharist is found in the blue booklets; the hymns are from the St. Alban’s Hymnal. Parts of the liturgy are sung. If the melodies are unfamiliar to you, to fully participate please quietly say the words that are being sung. The music is very beautiful and will quickly become familiar.

Occasionally the priest has a few more prayers to say than we have printed in the blue book. Just wait and listen — soon he will return to the text you see in the booklet.

The liturgy booklet gives directions for standing, sitting, and kneeling. If kneeling is uncomfortable for any reason, please feel free to sit instead.


Anyone who approaches reverently is welcome to receive Communion. The Liberal Catholic Church erects no barriers around her altars. All are welcome, whether members of this church, of another Christian church, or of no church whatsoever. The Confiteor included in the Holy Eucharist is considered to be adequate preparation for receiving Holy Communion. Communion is administered by the priest directly into the mouth of the communicant.

The Confiteor

O Lord, Thou hast created man to be immortal and made him an image of Thine own eternity; yet often we forget the glory of our heritage and wander from the path that leads to righteousness. But Thou, O Lord, hast made us for Thyself and our hearts are ever restless till they find their rest in Thee. Look with the eyes of Thy love upon our manifold imperfections, and pardon all our shortcomings, that we may be filled with the brightness of the everlasting light and become the unspotted mirror of Thy power and the image of Thy goodness through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Further Information

Fr. Alan will be happy to answer your questions after the service. There are also a number of booklets and books which can enrich your participation in the Eucharist or deepen your understanding of the Liberal Catholic perspective on God, Christ, and our relationship with the Divine. Many of these readings are available to borrow. Please ask Fr. Alan for recommendations.

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